Repurposing Old Doors

An old wooden door isn’t a piece of garbage, it can be turned into art or remade into something else. The DIY culture is here in a big way, and people are building themselves everything from new furniture to accessories out of items they would otherwise toss out. An old door, for instance, could be re-purposed into a desk. You could even add a glass pane to make the surface level. If you think outside the box, you’ll find all kinds of projects are possible with old hardware.

Wall Accessories

Wood doors, especially those that are splintered and worn, are finding new purpose as accessories on the wall. You’ll need to mount them to a stud, but you can add shelving to them and turn them into a book case. Remove the panels above or below the door and you can fit a custom-cut mirror in place for an intriguing way to make your home look more spacious.


You can attach more than one door with a hinge to make a divider for your rooms. These small separators are especially attractive in bedrooms and sitting rooms, where someone can slip behind for a change. You might want to sand the doors if you plan to use them inside, but you can apply a vintage paint finish to give the paint-job some authentic looking “crackle.”

Building Furniture from Doors

You can use your door as the basis for all sorts of furniture. You can cut the door in half, for instance, and use the top and bottom portions as legs to a couch you’re building. You could cut the paneling from a wood door and use it to make a chair seat, which you could mount to an unfinished chair. You might even consider using your door as the top to a table or toy chest.


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