Can you get Solar Panels Installed for Free?

Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

One of the primary disadvantages of solar panels used to be that it was expensive to install and maintain. Not anymore.

While you can not only finance the solar panels yourself there are a couple of options provided by companies such as SolarCity or SunRun that require you to pay nothing.


Your first question might be: What’s the catch?

The truth is that since these solar panels are so financially advantageous to install, either of these companies, can still pay it for you (and collect government subsidies) and still turn out a nifty profit.

But really, all you have to do is agree for them to install it free of cost for you and take care of maintenance every year?

Most people are also aware of the reduced dependency on grid power and a slashing of costs in this area, however, when you have these solar panels installed in your home at no cost at all, the approximate savings on your energy bill is reduced, at first, by 10 %.

Yet the true benefit of installing these solar panels for free will be in the coming years where you can truly save up to 50 % on your utility bills since companies, much like SunRun, limit their annual rate increase to about 2.9 %.

Conventional power has increased by almost 40 % since 2005, and this is where homes that have southern roofing with good exposure to the sun can really profit from opting for solar panel installations for free.

One way or another, both the company and the consumer stand to benefit now, and in the long run!