Options When Replacing Interior Doors

Written by ETO Doors.

You’ll have plenty of options when it’s time to replace your current interior doors. The choices you make will influence the look of your door and the feel of your home. If done correctly, your new interior doors can help to accent your home design. Here are a few options that you’ll need to consider before purchasing a new interior door:

Solid Wood or Composite?

The vast majority of interior doors are either made from solid wood or from a wood composite. A wood composite door is typically made when several layers of a substance such as particle board are compressed together with a veneer exterior added to the outside.

Many people choose solid wood doors instead of composite doors because they offer the highest quality possible. They are also much more soundproof than composite wood doors because they are made from solid wood. Most importantly, many homeowners believe that solid wood has a warmth and refined look that can’t be matched with composite wood doors, making them a great choice for items such as interior doors.

What Type of Door?

When you replace or install an interior door, you’ll have plenty of options. Which one you choose will largely be decided by your personal taste and the space that the door will occupy. For example, if you want to make sure that the entryway to your room has plenty of natural light and serves as a transition to an important room (such as a den or office), you will want to consider prehung interior French doors. But for tighter spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms with less room for doors to swing, sliding doors can be the right choice.

Slab or Prehung Doors?

Interior doors come as either slab doors or prehung door systems. Slab doors are just the door itself; they are appropriate if you already have a door frame that you want to you, you’ll likely just need to buy the slab door and not worry about anything else..

However, if you do not have a door frame or have one that you would like to replace, a prehung door might be the right choice. Prehung interior doors include the door along with all of the accessories and parts that you will need such as hinges and the door frame. You can install a prehung interior door yourself if you have the right measurements and some basic equipment.


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