Running a Frozen Yogurt Business

Written by: Gelato Products

So, you’ve finally decided that you wanted to get back into the entrepreneurial side of things, and since frozen yogurt is the major trend right now with consumers, you go with it.

However, some of you out there may be concerned that all of the product that you go through when providing your customers with tasty treats may not be so environmentally friendly, even if they are disposed of in the correct way.

Lucky for you, there is a solution to this problem: edible yogurt bowls and utensils. Having a fully edible store isn’t completely possible though without a little bit of work.

As far as gelato supplies go, just plan on purchasing waffle cones. Waffle cones are extremely cheap and customers love them! In this manner, not only will you save cost on the plastic and paper cups that you would have to buy, but you are also building up a customer basis that is more pleased with your product.

Regardless of whether or not a customer is environmentally aware and concerned, almost everyone loves the fact that they are getting a little more food for their money and a little more taste for free too! It’s a win-win on both sides, and something as simple as a waffle cone can make your business boom in ways you couldn’t have expected.

When ordering frozen yogurt supplies, you can take a very similar approach. Many suppliers on the frozen yogurt market now offer the waffle cone bowl as an option to customers too! If you choose to do order waffle cone bowls, you will, again, not only be saving money and helping the environment stay healthy, but you will also be making happy customers, which means repeat business.

Here’s the thing, though. Frozen yogurt cups are generally expected by customers to be available. As such, some customers will be dissatisfied when you only offer waffle bowls and cones. So, from a marketing standpoint, you will want to make sure that this “new” way of doing things is a glamorous one. Make people feel like eating out a waffle cone is AWESOME! Sure, it sounds dumb, but convincing people to change their old ways to new ways is tough, even with something as simple as food.

If you can do that, though, you will be utterly successful. Make your customers feel like they’re saving the world and getting an awesome snack at the same time every time they come to see you, and chances are they’ll come to see you a fair deal more often!