Things to Do in Colorado

Written by: Mike Di Leo

A group ski trip isn’t the only reason to visit Colorado anymore. There are far too many adventures for just one trip to the state, but you can at least enjoy a few sites on your getaway. No matter what time of year you come to Colorado, you’re bound to find something that will appeal to you. Here is a short list of some of the top attractions in Colorado.

Climb a Mountain

Mount Bierstadt is an easy ascent up a 14,000+ foot mountain. The wide trail is easy to navigate, and it will take hikers through swamps and mountainous fields. You can also do a moonlight hike into Long’s Peak, although be warned that wildlife does go “bump in the night.” There are also several “thirteeners,” or mountains that are thirteen thousand feet high. No matter what shape you’re in, you’re sure to find a hike you can complete.

Go Skiing

Colorado family ski packages include a few perks beyond hitting the mountain. You will get some lift tickets included with the purchase price, and you will also get a place to stay while you’re on the mountain. Some packages may include skiing lessons for the uninformed, or you can make arrangements with your provider when you book the trip. Copper Mountain, for instance, has one of the longest ski seasons in the local region, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants for families at night.

Hot Springs

There is nothing quite like sliding into a hot spring for an evening dip, and Steamboat Springs is a beautiful place to do so. The pools there are all at different temperatures. You can always find a pool that feels “just right” for you. The hot springs are caused by warm jets of water that bubble up from the earth’s surface.

Find Dinosaurs

Colorado was once a muddy, dirt expanse of mountains and plains. Dinosaurs once roamed the lands there, leaving footprints and fossils behind for us to discover thousands of years later. The Comanche National Grasslands feature a trail that has over 1,500 dino tracks for hikers and visitors to find. There are also several museums close to Grand Junction that exhibit bones and molds of tracks for you to view.

Final Thoughts

Colorado isn’t just a ski town. With the help of sites like Ski Daddy, you can book a comprehensive trip that takes you all across the great state of Colorado.