Building a Green Business

Do you have your own company? If you haven’t already, you should consider going green. It’s not a very hard thing to do and since you are the owner, you need to take that decision. There are just some rules that need to be enforced in order to make the company green and you can see below which are those.

1. Make sure the employees recycle. If you want to do this the best option would be to add a recycling bin next to each garbage can. Then all that people need to do is put the recyclable stuff in the right bin, instead of going to one that is farther away from their desk. If people don’t need to make an effort to respect the rule, they will dispose of their garbage properly. Clean those bins at least once a day, or more often if it’s necessary. Also, add a recycle bin in the vicinity of the water cooler and of the office printer. A lot of the water cooler cups are usually not recycled.

2. Use refilling for your ink cartridges, instead of buying new ones. Besides helping the environment you also spend less when you refill them.

3. Use laptops instead of computers. While you need a considerable investment when you do that, in the long run you will save money. You also have the risk of laptops being stolen. Their advantage is that they have techniques to save power and they aren’t always plugged in.

4. If some of your employees live in the same area, encourage them to use group commuting. Or, if your business allows it, let them work from home. In this case, you only need a meeting room at the office, so you save money on the rent as well.

There are many other ways to help the environment and save some money in the process. All you need is the will to implement them.

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