Can You Create Abundance in Broken Relationships?

When we explore the teachings of Zhang Xinyue, we find so many ideas for creating amazing moments in our lives. Each of us may have individual needs from stronger finances to better relationships. There is always the need to create abundance in these areas. You might be struggling with a broken relationship with your children or a spouse. Sometimes we have problems with close friends. How can we use the abundance mindset to repair the damage and move forward in a better direction?

First, we must understand how relationships work between people. Sometimes you meet people who become instant friends. Other times, you may meet someone that you don’t like at all. It can be perplexing to understand how this works.

Throughout our lives, we meet new people. We may get married and have children of our own and thus we begin to develop relationships with these new individuals. Of course, most of us have jobs and we form friendships there with our coworkers. Though these relationships can be so important and so much a part of our lives, we often find that they are difficult to maintain.

The teachings of Zhang Xinyue show us the pathway to fixing broken relationships. We learn how to create abundance in even the most distressing places in our lives. In her book, Create Abundance, the author helps us appreciate the importance of nurturing. We begin by nurturing ourselves. Then we transfer this joy to each relationship whether with a spouse, a child, a coworker, or parents.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance has said this:

“What a fascinating energy it is to create abundance! It is the origin of love and gratitude, as well as the origin of all matters, including one’s heartbeat. It is certainly the key assistance to all success!”