Choosing the Right Furniture Financing Option

Blog provided by Curacao

Are you a homeowner moving into an empty house for the first time? Many homeowners who are on a budget turn to furniture financing as a way to fill their house with comfortable furnishings. However, not all furniture financing options will provide you with the same benefits or challenges as others.

People take out personal loans for many reasons, and financing furniture purchases can be one of them. This is one of the most versatile options, as lenders have different conditions and requirements for their loans. You may find a personal loan that’s perfect for your needs, but taking one out will likely decrease your credit score. Furthermore, it’s easy to fall prey to scams and predatory lending practices when choosing a lender.

Rent-to-own centers are another option, but they may not be the best suited for furniture financing. Rent-to-own centers allow you to return a product at any time and stop your payments, but if you do decide to make a full payment, you will end up paying several times the retail price for furniture.

Many of the most prominent furniture retailers offer in-store financing. This can be done through a store card that is paid off like any other credit card. The majority of in-store financing options require fair to good credit scores, but there are retailers such as Curacao that offer furniture financing to customers with low credit. Many customers have even used successful store card payments to increase their credit score and build their credit history.

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