What Does Abundance Mean to You?

For each of us, there may be an individual answer to this question. But for many the answers are the same: larger home, nicer car, more money. This tells us that many people equate abundance with material possessions. And yet there are so many other ways to apply the word. For instance, do you have abundance in your personal life? Do you have a good, happy, healthy family that loves you? Do you have friends you can count on? This isn’t always true for every person. Are you satisfied with your job or profession? Some of us are stuck in boring jobs that we hate.

What brings you joy?

Most of us would agree that we would love to have a larger, nicer home or a more expensive car. Having a great deal of money in your bank account can keep you from worrying about paying the bills. But when it comes to the soul of mankind, it requires more than just an expensive automobile.

As we consider this important topic, take some time to meditate. Make a list of the things you love the most. Is it family and friends? Vacations or work? It might be time spent with pets or hobbies. Now as you go over this list, write down how much time you spend involved in these activities each week. Are you satisfied with this or would you like to spend more time involved in those activities?

As you work through these issues, know that you’re building abundance all around you and you’ll benefit from this by having greater contentment and satisfaction.

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