Earth Friendly Gelato Products and Supplies

Written by Gelato Products

Traditional ice cream cups and supplies are usually not biodegradable, making them harmful to our Planet and sometimes even bad for business. But a growing number of green business owners are switching from regular cups and supplies to earth-friendly supplies.

If you’re concerned about our environment, it’s easy to create an eco-friendly atmosphere in your shop by purchasing the right supplies. Gelato Products, an online retailer of quality gelato supplies, is proud to offer a new line of earth-friendly supplies ideal for businesses that care about the environment. Here are some of the green products they offer online.

Earth Friendly Cups

Ice cream shops, gelaterias, and frozen yogurt shops go through tons of plastic and paper cups and supplies. But many of these supplies are harmful to our planet. Gelato Products offers green cups for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. The company’s green line of cups includes eco-friendly paper cups, plastic cups, and coffee cups, making it easy to find an earth-friendly solution for your business needs and budget. Serve ice cream or frozen yogurt without harming the environment. Of course, they also offer earth-friendly lids to go with the cups.

Earth Friendly Spoons

Match earth-friendly cups with eco-friendly spoons! Along with earth-friendly cups, Gelato Products offers a line of green spoons. Made of plastic, these stylish tasting spoons are biodegradable so you don’t have to feel bad about harming the environment.

Serving eco-friendly cups and spoons is just one of the ways you can play a part in helping our planet. Your customers will thank you.

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