Why Mobile 4G Internet Is One of the Best Choices for Rural Gaming

Gaming used to involve renting video games from local stores. Nowadays, it’s all about online streaming and playing with people worldwide. Geography often plays an impactful role when it comes to what sort of gaming activities can take place, which is why 4G Internet for rural areas from providers like UbiFi is vitally important for gamers.

The 4G Internet offered by rural Internet service providers such as UbiFi increased speeds further than its predecessor, 3G, and made connecting to the web through mobile devices just as seamless as connecting from home. To use 4G effectively, you need both a compatible device that can access its network as well as an adequate data plan that offers enough capacity. Furthermore, 4G networks can reach even highly remote areas, making them a good alternative to broadband and fiber optic Internet options that may not be available in rural communities.

Standard 4G networks from companies like UbiFi currently provide download speeds of approximately 14 megabits per second (Mbps), which is much faster than what was possible with its predecessor, the 3G network. Upload speeds are also significantly greater at about 8 megabits versus just 0.5 megabits on 3G. Furthermore, 4G mobile Internet networks carry significantly less latency than even some of the best satellite Internet service providers.

These low levels of latency make 4G mobile Internet a contender for the title of the best Internet for rural gaming. Often, online games such as first-person shooters and MOBAs require split-second reactions and precise inputs to win closely contested competitive matches. Lag and rubberbanding can ruin your experience of these games if your Internet connection’s latency is too high. With the aid of a good data plan, you can experience top-tier mobile Internet service for non-stop online gaming.