How to Correctly Shop For an Eco-Friendly Foam Product

Summary: Not every “green” product you see is as eco-friendly as you might think.

If you’re looking for some new eco-friendly foam for your mattress or your sofa, you might run into a few roadblocks. Some of the more obvious drawbacks can’t be avoided but many can be mitigated through smart shopping.

Heavy Transport Equals More Emission

As you might already know, beds, mattresses, are both heavy and large. Typically, those that are of better quality tend to be much thicker and heavier, meaning more carbon emission will be released during transport.

A solution to this is to purchase a roll-up mattress. Now, these are made of either foam or a mixture of foam and springs. They’re relatively easy to transport and very compact. The drawback to this is that they’re usually made with fire retardant chemicals and VOCs which may turn you off from the whole notion, but if you’re going to purchase a foam mattress, roll-up mattresses are a viable and smart option.

Ensure that Your “Green” Products Are Actually Eco-Friendly

Eco-credentials aren’t regulated well, so be sure that the “green” claims that are listed on the label are actually beneficial for the environment. There are a variety of resources that dive into the specifics of an eco-friendly product so be sure to read up before going to make a purchase.

Additionally, you’ll want to consult with someone that can identify what a “green” product is so you get a better idea of what’s inside the mattress you’re looking into. Remember, the sales team at your local mattress store wants you to make the purchase so take what they say with a grain of salt. It’s better to take matters into your own hands and obtain some detailed information on your preferred mattress.

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