How to use interior design for the outdoors

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

One growing trend in the world of home design is applying interior design principles to your backyard or outdoor patio area. The Washington Post calls these intricately designed, living room-esque backyards “the new American status symbol.” These backyards can range from intricate, luxurious exteriors with hot tubs and man-made waterfalls to simple, cozy decks with just enough furniture and fixtures to make you feel at home.

By creating an outdoor living area with couches and other furniture pieces, you can bring the comfort and elegance of interior design into your outdoor living areas. You can accomplish this with furniture choices such as outdoor wicker furniture and Treasure Garden umbrellas.

Wicker furniture is a popular choice for Victorian and bohemian aesthetics. You may be wondering if wicker furniture’s natural components and delicate pattern can survive the outdoors. Because of the challenges outdoor furniture can face from the elements, outdoor wicker furniture is made from different materials that are resistant to moisture and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Despite their different materials, outdoor wicker furniture and other types of outdoor furniture from brands such as Lane Venture can still replicate the aesthetics of interior design for the outdoors.

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