Lightening the Footprint of Ice Cream Shops

Decreasing one’s carbon foot print is all the rage today, but it can impact the bottom line of ice cream shops. More efficient cooling systems and inventory that cuts down on waste will all help to lower the overall footprint of your business. It also saves money on power bills, and costs to run the shop day-to-day. Lightening your foot print isn’t just good for the environment; it pays dividends for business too.

Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials, like recycled register tape; can help cut costs on the items you order.  Recycling paper would remove almost 30% of waste in America, which is a pretty big chunk. Unfortunately, cups with plastic or wax lining can be very difficult to recycle if there is not a special process in place to do the job. Gelato cups and spoons fall into this category, so you need to call ahead and make sure there is a facility in your area that can handle the separation. Your other option is to switch to glass or plastic, which could be reusable.

Better Cooling System

A more efficient cooling system will cut down on your store’s power bill. These units produce more cooling power at a lower power consumption rate than older devices, especially sub-cooling devices and high-efficiency evaporators. Refrigeration can be one of the highest costs you face as an ice cream store owner, both in storage of ice cream for sale and for service.

You can also try reducing energy consumption through the improvement of your existing facilities. Resealing freezers, for instance, would cut costs without the need for renovation.

Cutting Waste

Improving your ordering system will also help to cut down on the waste of your store. Before you place an order with frozen yogurt suppliers, for instance, forecast your expected sales and buy only what you need. This way, if you run out, you will know which items are in demand and be able to stock for the next big day.

Final Thoughts

There are basically two places where ice cream shops stand to make the biggest impact. They can cut down waste through a more efficient ordering process, which requires better sales forecasting techniques. They can also opt for more efficient equipment, or remodeling, which can carry a hefty price. It will be up to you to decided which cost is easier to make up.
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