Local Small Businesses Benefit and Yield Opportunities from the Work from Home Revolution

Lucy Lyle, co-founder of Perch, has this advice: “If an employee is self-motivated, organized, and good at time management, they may be even more productive working from home.” Lucy Lyle’s advice goes hand in hand with a large percentage of small businesses across the United States that have taken onboard remote workers since the pandemic.

There are many advantages to joining the ranks of seeking experienced professionals from around the world, to fill remote positions in your company. The talent pool is large and offers diverse skill sets. Lucy Lyle has noted that this can be beneficial, and bring new ideas to production lines.

The flexibility that is gained by remote work is favored by many employees. A welcome option if they have senior family members to care for or young children in the home. As long as they have a stable and fast internet connection, are self-disciplined to manage their time, and meet their deadlines, they will find this a very satisfying way to work. It reduces stress and due to work-life balance offers an alternative to long commutes and late hours away from home.

One of the most advantageous reasons that small businesses are hiring remote workers is the fact that less space translates into less office rent. When most of the company’s workforce is remote they can save on office space and keep their overheads to a minimum. Not only does this impact the company’s budget, but also the remote workers save time and money. Reducing their commuting and not having to employ carers and au pairs for family members makes financial sense.

Employees need to have job satisfaction, this is when they put their best energy and creativity into their work. With less stress and more time, it is often noted that their work product is of a very high standard. Workers that are happy and satisfied with their jobs are quick to respond to communication and meet deadlines, and their enjoyment shows through the quality that they provide.