Making a Green House

I’m talking here about building a green house, not a greenhouse. It’s about making a house that is friendly to the environment from the get go, so you don’t need to upgrade it later. You might need to spend more in the beginning, but in time those costs will be recovered and your finances will thank you.

First of all, when you make a green house, think of the electricity that it will use. One comfortable option would be to rely on the electricity provided by the city, but if you rely on renewable energy instead, you will save money and be environmentally friendly at the same time. It’s been decades since solar panels have been invented, but people still don’t take advantage of them like they should. You can use solar panels to provide you with electricity, while keeping the city power as a backup. The end result is a lot of money saved.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the insulation of the house. Icynene is an insulation material that is environmentally friendly and efficient. Air leaks should be hunted and fixed. Air leaks can increase the amount of money you spend on heating or air conditioning. Another option to save money and the environment is to get the heating lower during the winter and the AC higher during the summer.

The third option would be to buy appliances that are environmentally friendly. All your appliances should be energy star approved and up to date. It’s the same for your washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, computer monitor, TV or dryer. Absolutely everything should consume as little energy as possible. The toilets should be modern as well, as they consume a smaller quantity of water for each flush. Add recycling bins and use trash bags that are bio-degradable.

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