Tips on Running a Green Ice Cream Shop

Written by Gelato Products

How can you make your business environment-friendly and sustainable? Green products are not marketing stunts. There are millions of businesses around the world that revolutionize the way they run in order to contribute to the better good and preservation of our planet. Whether you’re running a coffee or ice cream shop, from cups to tasting spoons choose the right type of materials that are sanitary and eco-friendly.

For any food and beverage businesses, choose disposable earth friendly spoons, plates, cups and take out boxes. There are millions of coffee cups thrown away every day, and we can surely use less trash in our waste management sites. Plastic cups are non-biodegradable and some types take centuries before the composition breaks down. As a business owner, take a look at the disposable materials you use in the shop, kitchen and for your customers. From personalized ice cream cups, to tissue supplies, see if there are greener options that you can use. There are several suppliers online that can source biodegradable paper coffee cups and lids.

Also, install recycling bins in your shop to separate biodegradable to non-biodegrable, and recyclable products. Inform your customers about these tree-hugger efforts do not cost a dime on their part. Some businesses also offer free refills on coffee and gelato products for those who bring their own tumblers or containers. Instead of using disposable cup holders, why not promote reusable ones with your business logo? A good marketing strategy, but these little things can go a long way if we add them together worldwide in saving planet earth.

Gelato Products is an online supply store that offers environment-friendly supplies like tasting spoons for ice cream and coffee shop businesses. Take action now and choose products that are recyclable.