What is Pu-erh Tea?

Pu-erh tea can be over 50 years old, it is the most oxidized form of tea and matures with age. The rarer Pu-erh teas are very expensive. This is a tea that is highly regarded in China it has its origins in the Yunnan Province where it has been processed for centuries.

The processing of this incredible tea has been kept a secret for a very long time. The flavors in the Pu-erh tea, which are available from Generation Tea are from the leaves being picked and sundried. This sun-drying method produces a base tea which is called maocha. The maocha is then fermented, and the leaves are aged and then formed into bricks or cakes.

When it comes to brewing tea, there is a particular technique to follow in order to get the most flavor and take advantage of the health benefits offered by the Pu-erh tea. Buy aged Wulong tea and as with any other tea heat the water to boiling. When pouring over the tea leaves, the boiling water will open the leaves and after 10 seconds discard the water.

The brewing continues with more water being added to the open leaves, the tea is Justify to steep until the flavor and color have developed. Do not steep for more than 5 minutes as the Pu-erh tea may become bitter. There are various types of Pu-erh tea, and the coloring and flavors are distinctive from pale yellow through to dark brown resembling coffee.

Buy Xiaguan tea which tastes quite earthy, tea aficionados are of the opinion that because tea leaves can be reused the taste improves with each infusion of the used Pu-erh tea leaves. The Pu-erh tea is fully oxidized and this results in a lower antioxidant level than green tea or white tea.