Five benefits of plastic packaging for ice cream makers

Written by Gelato Products

2Most vendors may wonder if they should use paper or plastic packaging to store their ice creams. This is a question that ice cream makers will have to answer at the start of their process, since it will impact how they store, refrigerate and transport their ice creams. Although smaller quantity, single servings, freeze well in white paper cups, larger family size servings are best in plastic containers. Here are 5 benefits of plastic packaging for ice cream makers.

  1. Plastic can withstand freezing temperatures – High-density polyethylene or HDPE is a good choice for ice cream as it can withstands freezing temperatures, ensuring that your product tastes it best when it reaches the customer.
  2. Recycling – If you are a vendor who is conscious about the environment, use a single type of plastic making recycling easier for your customer.
  3. Plastic is not only for ice cream tubs – Products like ice cream bars and popsicles, can also use plastic films that can be reprinted with eye catching graphics.
  4. Your brand will stay in the customer’s mind – Since plastic is long lasting, your customer can reuse your containers for storage at home. It is a good way for your customer to remember your brand and can prompt further sales.
  5. Variety of shapes and sizes – Tubs can be round, rectangular, have straight sides or tapered sides. Some designs choose oval shapes, making scooping a lot easier. Remember to include frozen yogurt spoons inside single serving portions, to make eating on the go easier.

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