How to Properly Feed Your Pit Bull for a Healthy and Balanced Life

Written by: Iron King Kennels

pitbull-feedingDon’t forget that pit bulls need the right nutrients to thrive.

Pit bulls are a tough breed. They will practically survive on basically anything that you throw at them. But, if you want them living a healthy life, that’s something that you should probably avoid. You want your pit bull to thrive, which is why this article will cover how to properly feed your pit bull so they can be strong, huge, and even meaty.

Today’s Dog Foods Are “Lacking” in Nutrition

Most dog foods that are sold in stores use corn, wheat, and potatoes as a filler option. Pitbull breeders tend to give them a higher meat concentration so they can grow up to be muscular, rather than obese. While you might see the word “chicken” labeled on the bag, by the time everything is dried, chopped, and mixed in the formula, it’s realistically only 10% of the entire thing!

Many companies like to weight the meat wet and mix it dry, which tricks the consumer into believing that there is a large concentration of meat within the bag. When looking for the right dog food for your blue nose pit bull puppies, be sure that you purchase one that has a high meat concentration in it. This may cost you more money, but in the long run, your best friend is benefitting from it. Besides, you wouldn’t want to settle for fast food every day when you could be cooking homemade food, right?

Before you buy the first bag of dog food that’s on sale, take the time to look at all the ingredients closely. During pitbull breeding, the owners will typically focus on giving them raw meat so they can stay healthy. It’s up to you take over this feat by providing them with the proper nutrients that they need.