A Guide on Cleaning Your Outdoor Cushions Effectively

A-Guide-on-Cleaning-Your-Outdoor-Cushions-EffectivelyArticle written by Western Homes

Be honest with yourself, how often do you take the time to go outside to your patio cushions and clean every piece of furniture front-to-back? Do you only clean it when you have guests coming over? Is it a once-a-month thing? By keeping your patio cushions free of dirt and cobwebs, you can transform it to look like it did when you first bought the house. Here’s how you can go about doing it.


Essentially, you’re going to need to need your basic cleaning supplies: scrub brush, warm water, dishwashing soap, towels, and fabric protector spray. Try not to use any product that contains fabric-harming chemicals as they will just discolor your cushions.


Your custom outdoor cushions are important to you, so in order to maintain them you’re going to want to use mild dishwashing soap. Take a bucket and fill it with lukewarm water. Then, add in your dishwashing soap and stir it until it becomes one with the water itself.

How to Clean

Take off the covers of your custom cushions and throw them into the washing machine – check the label prior to doing this as some products will be destroyed during the spin cycle. Next, take your water/soap mixture and generously lather your cushion. Once they’ve sat for about 15 minutes, use your scrub brush to get rid of all of the stains and mildew. Then, take a bucket of clean water and wash all of the sudsy solution out of the cushion itself. Afterwards, take a towel and try to remove all of the moisture out of the cushions, use a hairdryer if you have to, or you’ll end up with mildew growth.

Once your cushions are dry, take a fabric protector and spray the cushion. Place your cushion covers back on and place them back onto your patio seats.

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