Cash for Clunkers has mixed impact on car donations in Massachusetts

The impact of the recent Cash for Clunkers program on car donations in Massachusetts was mixed, according to a recent story by the Associated Press. Some local charities reported seeing fewer cars being donated to charity since the beginning of the government’s program offering $4,500 incentives for people to trade in their old cars for newer, more fuel-efficient models.

However, the program also led to opportunities in donating vehicles. Mike Muzzi operates the Good News Garage in Burlington, Vermont, which repairs junk cars and gives them to low-income families who otherwise would not have access to transportation. He said that Cash for Clunkers has led people to begin thinking about getting rid of their old cars, with some of these coming into his garage. In fact, he said that “some car dealers with potential customers who don’t meet stringent cash-for-clunkers requirements have sent business” to him.

“There’s no straight line we can draw between cash-for-clunkers and an increase in donations,” Muzzi said. “But we are experiencing an increase in donations. Last year was a record year for us, and this year is on track to do the same.”

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