How is ice cream made


Around the world, ice cream is a multi-million dollar industry that is still growing. It is generally resistant to economic downturns and recessions. Trips to the ice cream shop, with multiple requests for tasting spoons and the final ice cream choice, are generally seen as a treat and those are popular in good times as well as bad. This is why it is never a bad time to get into the ice cream industry. The question is, how is ice cream made?

Ice cream is made in a three-step process:

In the first step, all the raw ingredients are cooked and blended through heating to be fully emulsified. The ingredients at this stage are usually milk, added milk powder, sugars and fats such as cream, butter or vegetable fats. There can also be some flavoring added at this stage like cocoa in order to make chocolate ice cream.

The next step takes the above mixture and cools it rapidly down to around 7c. This process can take about an hour and a half considering the quantity. Smaller 3 in 1 machines can do this process in as little as ten minutes due to the smaller amounts that need to be cooled. At this stage, other flavorings can be added after the ice cream is aged slightly.

The final step is freezing the mixture down to anything between -6 to -9c very quickly. This can be done in a freezer or a batch churner. The balance of the fat, proteins, sugar and water is important as it needs to maintain a certain texture. They are then frozen down to -20 for storage and covered with pan liner lids.


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