3 Exercises that will make you fit quickly

Article by Wesley Virgin

The best way to be and stay fit and healthy is to exercise as much as possible—not just any exercise, but the ones that are best for your body.

Here are three such exercises that will quickly make you fit.

Swing a Kettlebell

First, stand with your feet at a shoulder-length distance, bend your knees, and hold the kettlebell with both hands. Swing the bell between your thighs, then stand upright as it swings back to the front. Repeat this high-intensity exercise 10 times for each set, and you’ve got yourself a solid cardiovascular system and reduced belly bloat, not to mention a toned, muscular backside.

Thrust a Dumbbell

The most effective exercise for losing calories and getting your major muscle groups active is doing three sets of dumbbell thrusts daily. Start by holding the bells at shoulder height with your legs parted and knees bent, palms facing each other. Then straighten your arms above your head, pushing the dumbbells upward as you stand upright. Pause after each, and then repeat.

Try the Big 4

The “Big 4” compound exercises are basically squats, lunges, pull-ups, and push-ups. These exercises are not only modifiable for just about any body type, but they also don’t require a trip to the gym or special equipment. And incorporating them into your daily exercise routine can work wonders in burning calories and increasing muscle strength and cardiovascular performance.

About Wesley Virgin

A fitness trainer, entrepreneur, Internet personality, and owner of WV Media, Wesley Virgin is an embodiment of success. Despite being a college dropout, Wesley Virgin didn’t stop and passionately pursued his dreams in business.