Lessons from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue – “Stop Being Urgent”

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a collection of teachings and words of wisdom for mind-body-spirit cultivation.

This is a lesson that teaches that everything will come to you if you ‘stop being urgent’ in other words if you stop forcing. If you try to force something and you become obsessed with getting it, it will allude to you. The more you urgently pursue it the further away it will remain. Life is a balance you need a certain amount of desire and a certain amount of urgency. You cannot tip the scales and have too much of one emotion that you push what you are trying to attain away.

She teaches that many times at the start of project people are overly zealous. Believe that the more urgency they have in the beginning means they can stop when they receive what they want. The lesson is that frantic and urgent will not lead to calm leisure.

When you ‘stop being urgent’ you need to look inwards and once you can meditate on your inner self the feeling of urgency will leave. You need to remain in the moment and trust the process. To learn to create the abundance you need to be grateful for the moment. Finding a way to be serene and relaxed is when you open your world, and your desires will be fulfilled naturally.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance wrote this book in 2012. It is highly successful and has been translated from Chinese into many languages. The premise of the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is to promote, give meaning, and find a functional approach to the philosophical issues of life.