How to prevent negative online reviews

Today’s customers believe that online reviews are unbiased and an important part of a purchasing decision. Which makes negative reviews harmful for a business’s reputation and future sales. Although businesses will find it difficult to satisfy every customer, they can look at strategies that identify dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review.

Here are some key strategies that can help businesses prevent negative reviews.

Listen to your customers – Proactively seeking customer feedback as soon as a purchase is made, will help to identify dissatisfied customers. Businesses can encourage customer feedback by creating profiles on private review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor as they are popular platforms for customer reviews. Businesses with profiles can receive notifications to indicate when a review has been posted. In-store surveys can help staff gather instant feedback and address complaints as soon as they happen.

Deal with the problem – Resolving an issue before a customer leaves the store can be the best way of preventing negative reviews. Encourage and train employees to listen to customer complaints while remaining calm and professional. It is good practice to compensate customers by allowing them to re-experience the business.

Boost customer experiences – Offering customers a positive in-store and online experience can help to reduce the effects of a negative incident. Consider implementing customer service policies that help guide employees to offer excellent customer service. Training employees on how to handle disgruntled customers can additionally help employees stay calm during difficult customer situations.

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